WESC 2007 Annual Report


Western Energy Services Corp. is a publicly traded oilfield services company with numerous strategically placed operating locations throughout Alberta, Texas and Arkansas.

Western requires a published annual report for the fiscal year end to be provided to shareholders and potential investors. A tight deadline was set as the report must be published before their AGM (Annual General Meeting) and after but including their 4th quarter data. Western requests that the annual report be photo rich with a strong presence to reflect on the years’ earnings. They wanted a fresh new look to complement their recent corporate re-branding.

With the provided financial report in hand, Signetix first established a concept and theme from which the entire report could provide a baseline off of. With the theme developed Signetix then tackled the challenge of having photos implemented into the report. Early spring in Alberta does not produce the most pleasing photographs to say the least, thus Signetix packed up their camera gear and boarded a plane for Texas where the weather and scene was more consistent. Wrapping up a 3 day shoot in Texas and returning, the project was then continued as scheduled.

A 44 page coil bound annual report was completed within the set time frame. Signetix brokered and took delivery of 2000 copies and hand delivered them to Western’s forwarding house