NLS Branding and Identity


Nicholson Land has over 35 years of oil & gas experience throughout Western Canada. Their landmen come from farming and ranching backgrounds themselves and have oil & gas related experiences to compliment their individual skill sets. With these broad skill sets they are able to engage and maintain relationships with all stakeholders on their clients’ behalf.

In search of a corporate identity, NLS contracted Signetix to deliver a clean and classic look. They were also requiring marketing materials to aid in promoting and sales of the company. As a young company their objective was to establish a well rounded marketing delivery system that encompassed all of the areas of their business and expertise. NLS came to Signetix with their company name and from there a corporate brand was developed which reflects the widespread demographics of their business.

The logo was built with a bold typeface symbolizing strength, utilizing their business line sections were incorporated into it while yet despite being sectioned off it still remains held together working in unison. Because of the nature NLS’s business Signetix created and developed a marketing package consisting of a series of individual brochures and housed them in a customized folder. The written content was purposely brief yet extremely effective while focusing primarily on having a very visually pleasing theme. Through effective communication and content delivery the marketing materials maintained the strength of the brand.

A very user-friendly and convenience orientated package for clients to gain understanding of the services offered by NLS was achieved.